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Edward Wytkind, President

As president of TTD, Edward Wytkind oversees the organization’s daily operation and serves as TTD’s spokesperson and chief strategist. He collaborates with the presidents and other officers of TTD’s 32 affiliated unions to fight for long-term investments in our transportation system and to protect and expand the rights of workers to have a union voice. He also positions TTD to develop substantive policy expertise and dynamic public messaging in order to ensure that our nation’s transportation system is an engine for good, safe, middle-class jobs that grow our economy.

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Larry I. Willis, Secretary-Treasurer

Larry I. Willis is TTD’s Secretary-Treasurer. As the department’s chief financial officer, he oversees the daily financial and administrative activities of TTD. He accounts for affiliate dues, budgets for the operations of the department, and plans for the long-term fiscal needs of the organization. In addition to his financial responsibilities, Larry leads and oversees TTD’s policy, legislative, and legal activities, representing the interests of TTD and its affiliate unions before Congress and among key Executive Branch officials.

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