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BNSF Rail Conductor: Operating a Freight train with a single crew member is unsafe.

As published by BNSF Conductor and SMART Transportation Division member Mike Rankin in The Hill. On December 23, 2004, near Streator, Illinois, three teenagers ignored flashing lights and drove around the gates at a railway crossing. A train struck their car. Two teenagers lost their lives that night. One survived. I know because I was […]

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Join our Twitter Takeover to Demand #2CrewTrains

Common sense tells us that operating a 19,000-ton freight train with a single crewmember – like the railroads want to do – is a dangerous idea. But what do the men and women who actually operate these trains think? Now is your chance to find out! This Thursday, SMART-TD member and BNSF conductor Mike Rankin […]

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Moving Forward: Investing In Public Transit Lifts Up Working People

Note: This is the fourth piece in a series that explores the connection between a robust transportation system and a stronger middle class. The third piece shows the positive impact investments in port infrastructure can have on the economy and working families. Fifty-two years ago this week, Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Urban Mass […]

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The Huffington Post — Larry Hanley, Edward Wytkind: Time to Eradicate Sweatshops on Wheels

The 40-hour work week? Check. A federal minimum wage? Yup. Ensuring our kids aren’t slaving away in dangerous factories? That, too. Standards that working Americans have come to expect — and that have given millions a chance at better wages and working conditions — can be traced back to historic legislation enacted 78 years ago […]

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Time for our Government to Put to Rest One-Person Freight Train Crews

By Ed Wytkind

Other than the lobby for the behemoth, multi-billion dollar railroad companies, almost no one believes we should permit up to 20,000-ton freight trains, many filled with things that blow up, to travel across America with a single crew member at the controls. The American people hate this idea. Across the country, in small towns and […]

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Women are Vital to America’s Transportation Future

The gender pay gap. Unpredictable, inflexible work schedules. Discrimination on the job. These were just some of the topics addressed today at The United State of Women, a summit hosted by the White House to celebrate the achievements of women and girls and find effective solutions to the most daunting issues still facing working females […]

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Obama’s bad plane deal

By Richard Trumka and Edward Wytkind As published in Politico   America’s working people are rightly suspicious of trade policy. For too long our trade strategy has protected corporate interests while fueling a race to the bottom in living standards for working families. That sad legacy is now rearing its head in the aviation sector. […]

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Ed Wytkind Discusses Aviation Security on Heartland Labor Forum Radio

TTD President Ed Wytkind joined Heartland Labor Forum radio this week to discuss TTD’s fight for security improvements at foreign aircraft repair stations. In a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on transportation security last month, Sen. Claire McCaskill voiced her concerns over “a gaping hole” in our nation’s aviation security—specifically, TSA’s lack of oversight and regulation […]

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Let’s Celebrate National Maritime Day by Growing U.S Merchant Marine, Investing in Port Expansion

In 1933, Congress established National Maritime Day to honor and celebrate our nation’s maritime employees and the crucial role they play in keeping our country strong and secure. The maritime and port industries have changed significantly in the 83 years since the holiday was established, but one thing hasn’t changed: the recognition and thanks we […]

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Ed Wytkind Discusses Presidential Elections, #DenyNAI on The Rick Smith Show

Did you miss TTD President Ed Wytkind discussing the presidential election and transportation policy on The Rick Smith Show? You’re in luck — you can listen to the show here on the MoveAmerica blog. As we reflect on National Infrastructure Week and enter the final months of the 2016 presidential election, one thing is clear: […]

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